Try Before Buy (TBB) let you to try out clothes before any payment just right in your HOME!
Only keep those you LOVE, and return the REST.
No more paying unfitted clothes online!

Subscribe to our TBB service, then you can try out clothes without step out from your home. Choose within 4 brands from Novela.com, choose 2 to 6 pieces in your TBB order.

Say NO to worry about size not fit!
Say NO to pay for unfitted clothes online!
Say NO to troublesome return progress!
Say NO to no refund or only refund in store credit!

Hassle free online shopping!

Purchase this PASS first to get access to TBB service.
RM30/ annual
(FREE RM15 shopping voucher*2)
Our customer service will contact you via Whatsapp.


Try Before Buy (TBB) pass is only valid for West Malaysia users only.
Only payment by credit card is acceptable.
Only ready stock items are applicable to use TBB service.

Try Before Buy Q&A


TBB is a service provide by Novela, where you can have your personal fitting room at your home before you pay on any items!

How does TBB works?

1. Choose maximum 6 pieces clothes at our website.
2. Place your order without any payment, what you need to do is only key in your credit card details.
2. We will send your chosen clothes for you to try on!
3. Keep those you love and return the rest! Effortless return by pick up service or drop off service.
4. The payment for chosen clothes will auto credit after 7 days since your order place.

Does any shipping fee charge?

Yes. If your final purchase is less than RM150, RM7 shipping fee will be charge (already include 2 ways shipping).
If your final purchase is above RM150, shipping fee is waive.
If you din’t purchase anything on your TBB order, RM15 shipping fee will be charge.

For Glamour & Glamorous VIP member, shipping fee will be WAIVE with any purchase, using your Free Shipping coupon.
But if no purchase from a TBB order, RM7 shipping fee wil be charge.

How many pieces I can have by TBB?

Minimum 2 and maximum 6 pieces in a single order.

How long the TBB pass last for?

TBB pass is by annual (365 days).

How is the returning process?

We will contact you before your parcel was send. You can choose from pick up service or drop off.
Pick up service: The postman will pick up the return parcel at your address.
Drop off: Drop the return parcel to your nearer courier company branch.

How if I ordered a wrong size?

Return the unfit items to us and make a new purchase with normal purchase procedure or TBB procedure.

How if I din't receive my parcel within 5 days?

Contact our customer service and we will extend your period.

How if all the TBB order items are not fit?

Return all to us, and we will charge a RM15 shipping fee from your credit card.

Can I use TBB service if my address is not in West Malaysia?

Sorry that we only accept users who stay in West Malaysia at this moment, due to the parcel time period are limit.

How if my order contain Backorder items?

Please only choose READY STOCK items in your TBB order, the chosen backorder items will be auto cancelled. You may place a normal order for backorder items.

How if I don't have a credit card?

Sorry that we only accept credit card payment at this moment, due to the safety and security issues.